Saturday, August 30, 2008

ABduLLah Bo Ta Cher---------A STupid Budget 2009

After our honorable Perdana Menteri table the budget 2009 ( Bud 09)........ i realize he don't know how to make a budget, and even his 2nd financial Minister ( has a professional background) .................. He claim the Bud09 is people and business friendly.......but does it really friendly? A 3y continuous r deficit budget and so costly in operating. For next year budget......this cost operating is higher than the development or revenue its bear...... maybe you ll confused by what i said....ok
we go through it 1 by 1 ......anatomy this historic highest expenditure and stupid budget. first,who is most benefited in Bud09, me? you? .......not us, but is The civil servant....really fanatics if you re a civil ll has a at least one month bonus and no less than RM1000. mean you need not do anything.. just only sitting office....pergi minum at 10am.....goyang kaki.. till 4.00pm then further your high tea......balik pukul 5.00 and prepare to back. So nice !! not need an Utopia... M'sia realy a nice place!! Don't worry about if you had a kid..... send he / she to kindergarden, your towkey ll pay d fee for you, provide you re a civil servant. no need so hardworking..ensure you ll no be sacked within 25 yr start you step in any badan kerajaan.. then i guarantee after retire you ll pensated at least RM 750 each month until d end. Plan 4 has your own dream house ? worry about the house loan? worry unafford to pay 4pp? dun worry.... u can spend whole life to pay house load.....since u had extented more than 10 yr with soft loan... the bank should worry about that the m'sia version subprime crisis., Msia boleh!! maybe you ll think i am simply nagging and picking .....BUT THIS IS RELATE TO US !!! we pay all this subsidies? WE RE !! Maybe u ll argue d income tax is lower from 28-27% but this only benefit for the people who monthly income under RM3000!! re u in this catergory ?? if reli does.. is even worse....... the inflation ll kept increase if the oil price is not fall at least USD 100...average inflation of this yr is fluctuating in 5% but ur fix deposit onli grow at most 3.8% pp. THE M"sia is shift from the conventional pyramid to M-shape society.....the middle class is suppressed from yr to yr...........either u drop to bottom struggle to bcme "穷忙族"or lift to upper . coming back to civil servant, the subsidy may ease burden for them but.....consequense in increased the burden of malaysia.....we do a simple calculation: no malaysia has at least 500k civil servant..for extra 1 month bonus, gvrm force to give up 500milion a yr....if 5% of them reach 56 yr at nxt yr.... and... live more 10 yr....more than 2billion to take care d rest of their life..... somehoe the cuespac no content enough....SO AFTER THIS YEAR, EACH YEAR BUDGET LL BE DEFICIT if BN still rulling and let those unprofessional people propose and setting d Budget..... If intest on Bud 09 can visit: