Friday, October 31, 2008

Election for PM-------possible?

In my last article, I was propose the possibility of direct elect the PM by rakyat, and also underline the weakness of current system. In Che det times, the independent of Parliament was interfering by the cabinet and influent the Parliamentarians to amend the constituent for favorite Executives body by weakening the power of legislative. A Prime Minister elected by rakyat directly would avoid the abuse and enhance the civil right of Malaysian. After all, the elected PM would appoint a professional into his/her cabinet. For a certain important post such as Finance Minister, the candidates must be inquired by Parliament. The parliament has veto in the candidates of this post. These would ensure the appointed minister is always a person possess a professional background for the post. At past, any people could be the minister either being professional or no in the field. Tun Mahatir, a doctor, offering himself as Financial Minister, although bought a prosperous to Malaysian during 80 an, however he also a person sodomy Malaysian democratic by abuse the ISA. Tun Mahatir is a shame for higher educated community. As a person who trained by professional, should has basic knowledge in respect the legislative. His son, also a orang hutan in modern time, still a conservative who only defend UMNO but not Malaysian. Reformation of judiciary is a vision embrace by Malaysian; they insist there is not need for such changing. Apparently, they are afraid any of these revolution that bring disaster to them. Najib a puppet of Tun Mahatir, In expected would not bring any revolution to current system. He more prefer in Mahtir style administration, abuse ISA, manipulate racist, and bribing. The back of Mahatirism as expected by Dato Zaid, recessing the democratic we had achieve since March 8.


党选毕,谣言四起,胜者要党员,放下成见,团结最重要。败者喊遭迫害,blog爆料,被抹黑,遭恶搞。蕹菜,要belacan及蒜蓉爆炒,才够辣够呛。但不是每个人都会接受。若菜洗不干净,沾了土味,就坏了整盘菜;又或是被撒了农药,长期食用,以致患了癌症。小郑说被欺骗,菜单除名,当权心眼坏,还拉了燕大娘下水,以起同舟共济之效。小郑,小郑,你不是提倡党内要民主,菜单文化不可要,怎地,突然那么在乎菜单上有没有你?马青,妇女组为了海报互呛声,忘了之前誓言谈谈要做民族先锋,捍卫民主。难道一张海报,还比民生更为国家大事?阿魏兄,阿芬姐也是时候整顿下组织了,不要贻笑大方。政府说要救市,50亿不可少,valuecap更是要支持。政府没钱,EPF可借,反正两家也是一家,肥水不留外人田,人民会买单,金钱乃身外物,可不要伤了abang adik 之情。Najib,najib还真会说话,隔靴瘙痒,风凉话,不是剐你身上的皮,当然是不痛不痒啦。拿了便宜,还卖乖,伯拉,忍无可忍,左右开弓,赢了起来,但强弩之末,不能穿鲁稿。订订及老马也该收敛些,不要老猫烧须,逼狗跳墙,後果不堪设想。阿基师如愿以偿当上大法官总领法务。但其人,背景不干不净,仕途一蹬二就。破格被委,引众人之喧哗。但愿在其任内不要,衰口多,阻改革,任人使唤。

Thursday, October 23, 2008

5bilion EPF loan for valuecap, re u worry or scare?

DPM and financial minister najib, announce that 5bill will be allocated to valuecap sdn bhd, to buy the undermine share in the market, and he even quote a word from warrant buffet, when people madness, we must sensible. this one of the gov strategy to rebuilt the confidence market. KLCI possess value about 3 trillion, so do the 5 billion can save the market ? and how the valuecap evaluate the mean of undermine value ? which and how company fulfill the requirement? a why the rakyat must foot their bill? do they will distribute the bonus and dividen to any single one of us ? gov seem like only offer their kind to the capitals, fulfill their greedy in expense of middle class. since now M'sia is affected less in this financial turmoil, the gov should take advantage on it, widely open the market, encourage the investor in so public services and facilities such as electricity, public transport, give out fine service to rakyat, we should take it as granted. however the BNM still abre rule carry on now, strict in financial and share market filter out the company which is not fit and prevent any of the oppotunitist

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


党选已落幕,成绩已揭晓,无惊也无喜。Ah Chuan 出局,老蔡再起,翁蔡组合看似钢铁,暗流汹涌,当局者清。党选,党选,猪肉人人争分。从来华人社会不盛行君子之风,小翁,老蔡也不用惺惺作态,彼此拥抱,高唱团结。Ah chuan,眼红,酸溜溜,煮熟鸭子竟飞了!时後爆内幕,同情分不再,还是回家念念金刚经,培养substances,老僧入定,方能解尘缘,阿弥陀哈佛,善哉善哉。学学小林,虽然眼睛小了点,但也看的透彻,大彻大悟,也没哭爸哭母。老燕子,终于得偿所愿,突破历史,万绿丛中一点红,女人万岁!魏子所马青open,敢怒,又要感言,言则行,行必果;妇女组更要捍卫妇女权利,小芬芬强势崛起,是不劳而获,还是众望所归?但两翼为海报争执不休,还真贻笑大方,肚子快饿扁,炊无粒米。伯拉两边开弓,也不过说说气话,泄泻委屈,男人又何苦为难男人,敦马是该闭闭嘴,不要占了便宜,有卖乖。国之元老,可不要老来惹人厌。老马是个样,小马也不是什么好东西,人人要改革,他一人要对着干,没安好心,有父蔭,国中两马,让人哭笑不得。阿美阿美,几时梦醒?各党换新血,要动力,唯独你依旧笑春风,是国大党真没人才?hindraf需被禁,但也不见得你能分杯羹。国大党,要改革,还得先移一移那颗山般大小的老鼠屎。安华,安华,何时方休?改朝换代,不看今日而看以后,站稳选,广积粮,高筑墙,后称王,可不要最后南柯一梦,遗憾终身

Thursday, October 9, 2008


伯拉引退,党争减缓,巫统党内党外缓了口气;国阵成员也乐见其成,但是对于未来还是坎坷不安。马华,巫统朝野誉为好好先生,性温和,仁儒,不恋栈。为人开明,是巫统不可多得的温和派人士。初上位,与人清流之感,被寄予厚望改革司法,灭恶法。惟党内保守派制肘,令其寸步难行,种下败选祸根。若国阵换人却不换脑袋,相信无论谁上谁下,都无法改变步步走向灭亡的结局。几度夕阳在,是非成败转头空,个人利益只是短暂,社稷之福祉才为千秋之大业。吾以为,如今国阵必须完成三项工作,才能在下届大选不论为underdog。首位司法改革,次为重塑廉政, 再为除恶法。此三患为国阵败因,但也是国阵三宝。真可谓成也三宝,败也三宝。国阵必先同一思维,是要继续玩弄种族课题还是实现多元。两者选其一,成员党,考虑接纳与否,若道不同,当然不相为谋。勉强不是幸福,分割干脆,不背负报复,自有康庄大道在眼前。民联切不可生事,还需审时度势,right thing at right time,才能趁虚而入赢得民心。之下届大选,这期间为重要,成王败寇,还看民意。此言论,仅为吾一介书生之言,不登大雅之堂,博君一笑,若有得罪还请海涵

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Abdullah final decisison

Although this is in expected, but however still a bit shocking, that Abdullah announce won't contest for UMNO presidentt. Abdullah a first Malaysian's PM do not has any professional background, once popular Tun Mahatir, and was gave hope to Malaysian, that corruption, bureucracy and bias would be eliminated. However, because of conservatist and racist within UMNO itself, Abdullah fail to delivey any of his hope. Now a last missio for him, is to ensure the draft of judiciary reform would be success. if success, it would bea benchmark for him, at least make him a name in Malaysian history. At pass Abdullah, had facing many of barries and difficulties in his politician journey. some of people describe him as a more weak and ill performance PM, however i think in another way round. after Abdullah quit, we can prize him as father of democratic in modern Malaysia history. if not him, a partisn political systme will still in concept. however the used of decronian ISA by his cabinet, tained his record. although he often claim that was the decision of homeland minister. Najib, would to be Malaysian PM successive the burden from Abdullah. He must serious in issues such as judiciary reformation, resillient ecoomic, promote Malaysian democratics, restructuring Agency of Anti-corruption, and more. Tun Mahatir i most dislike PM, hopefully would really senyap after all, hey old men please don't jeopardize any hope of democractic in Malaysia.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

hey stupid, now problem is economic!!

the topic about whether Abdullah will not contest for his presidency is become a hot issue recently. But it deflect a more serious problem we must face, a new wave of financial crisis? A storm of financial crisis after 97, is formed in US, and now Had come close to us!! quote from NST and SinChew daily, the Korean expected would be the first Asian market facing the storm. The bankrupt of Merlin and Lehman Brothers not just a in home issues of US, since both security corp are one of giant investment fund in world. like Malaysia, an open market always attract the foreign investor. Although after 97, government had impose a more strict rules, to prevent any opportunist activity, however Malaysian KLSE still rely on those fund. Therefore, Najib claim Malaysian will not affected by US financial crisis, is doubting....... As a British trained economist, Najib now should focus on this issues and not only vying on UMNO president? Carry his duty as Financial Minister, he should planing for protect the Malaysian economics, and setting any possible step to resilient Malaysian economics during recession. Now is good opportunity for Malaysian testing ruling party in solving the crisis, and opposition also carry their duty to check and balance it.