Thursday, December 18, 2008

A single step of cyclist, a giant step of malaysian's democrasics

Dec 18 was a define moment to me, totally feel i am different , i am a adult now !! has my own thinking, involve national event , cool men, i feeling good.
this morning actually, we as a squad berani ditangkap should cycled to Parliament from the lake garden, however the god damn gangster beruniform barricade us with ridiculous mean, therefore for the sake of safety, administrator forced to compromised with officer, we only cycled begun with the Jln parliament. Opposition MP came support us, hand to hand lead us to the Parliament. I was lead by Seremban MP , he praise and proud of me. flank, i felt so wonderful, however i must mention him, i am not the only cyclist, and they re the really warriors . from the starting og the expedition, these cyclist faced a lot challenge, although they re only young , but their attitude was positive, through out the expedition either south or north to KL, they never give up. harassment, arrested, detention, threaten...... fed they more mature , and i believe they re the generation we need for the sake of Malaysian. indeed, only people acknowledge and recognize the real of Malaysian, can change the Malaysian become ever good country. Current corrupted gov, is so weak to handle and full the people need, people power is necessary to justify it. Pak Lah, wanna has a name in Malysian history by table two Bill regard to JAC and MCCAC, however still these Bills are controversy only so that BN is no willing to course the Malaysian toward a clean country.
Back toBicycle campaign, the cyclist traveling through every Kampung, Estate, city ..and more. By sending message of change to the citizen, they success to gain the support of public. Hail to the organiser, especially Mr Aruj, Kajang city councilor , he contribute a lot to the campaign, negotiate with police and coordinate the local council , to make sure the campaign was running smoothly, and cyclist re safe.
Police allege MP Sg Siput exploit the children is baseless, all the cyclist re clearly know objective of the campaign, also the organiser only allow their participation, provide they re permitted by their parent.
therefore, we has a scene the parent scold the police instead of organiser, ironically, still police wanna charge 29 of campaign coordinator under children protection act. welfare department were irresponsible to protect the children, they should take care of children safe at first place, however their slow reaction and no willing negotiate with police, and even no gave statement to condom the arrest only impress public the bias of gov policy.
however, still we re success to hand the memorandum to BN gov, this was a breakthrough in Malaysian Democratic, reflect that people now will fright and struggle for the human right, defend and claim back the fundamental right of people, hidup rakyat !!!

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